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I have read the Bonesman’s Bible,
I have kissed the Devil’s arse.
I have walked a crooked mile
to kneel before the Hearth.

Five the Fingers of the hand,
Five the Virtues of the Land.
Five the Points of red-stained bliss,
Five the wonders of the Witches’ kiss.

Three-by-three are the honey-breath Maids,
Thirteen-by-thirteen are the witches’ trades.
Thirty-one are the sweltered venoms,
Seventy-two are the Holy Daimons.

Backwards, in the tongue of the Dead,
I call my Faery with want and dread.
He comes, a Promise, to prick my heart
and share with me the Darkest Arte.

Sealed up in the Blood, together we writhe,
A double-serpent with spots a-nine.
Angels blaze from heaven to earth:
the stars have fallen to give us birth.

The hearth’s aflame in the Well of Night,
The severed head is crowned with Light.
The Crooked Tree, our Master’s Throne,
Stands with Glory to shew us Home.


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