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In the name of the Goat, by the Peacock’s Green Eye,
May my puckril this night come take me to fly
To the glorious Sabbat where burns a great fire
and all the Light there shall I stealth’ly acquire.

The serpent’s sharp tongue, the hare’s quick run,
The toad’s great leap, the wolf’s wisdom deep.
The grace of the stag, the cunning of the fox;
by the bright burnished key, I’ll unlock all the locks.
From the track and the hill, from the stone and the lake
By oak, ash, and thorn, wound with red thread I take
These gifts and all I twine them about,
Thout-tout-a-tout, Thout-tout-a-tout:
My heart and my groin, my hand and my eye.
By the secret endeavor may I Die ‘fore I die.


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