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Father of Bones,
Master, Turn-skin, Split-Hoof!
Old One who sires Witches and stirs the Winds,
You Three-Faced Son of the Hooded Mother who Spins,
who bears a crown cast down
of light well-candled in the underground–
the writhing, snaking roads of fire tread by Dead all pale of hand and face and feet.
It is I your faithful lover who now calls you to entreat.

Bent upon one knee I bow my head to you,
And in raptured grace within your presence true
I bid you give to me the secrets long-promised to our kind,
just as you did darkly whisper them to those most ancient ancestors of mine.

Breathy secrets turned flaming brands when sealed up in my heart.
Now writ upon my skin and bones the truth of this Black Art.
Unlock the door three-times-locked amidst the stars of night,
And show to me those deeds of power, fame and wond’rous might;
My vowing tongue shall give up to you the kiss of holy fright,
So turn around and bend you forth Ye Shaggy, Bearded Wight.

And in the end when She comes to gather me home again
I will bear your touch and mark
to resist the dispelling of my Wind,
And for man’s sins that endless rend, to the Land I’ll make amends.


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