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Turning the Wheel

Cycles only have meaning and impact if you participate in their turning. Ritual observance of the cycles of seasons and weather and the Sun, Moon and turning of the starry sky re-tie us to the Land in which we live and the Heavens under which we live out our lives; the environment is the mother of phenomena in which all other living things are already participating. Western culture has removed itself from this natural happening.

There are no magical fixes or answers that come from outside of yourself, that just “happen” without our willed participation in them, in our acknowledgement-as-practice. This is re-ligion.

The Cosmos doesn’t determine the whole of set and setting without us; a good deal of personally determined will is involved, and yet the boundary between self and the environment is also an illusion. A Witch knows their body is the body of the entire Earth, so to turn the Wheel is to embody the cycle and live within it. Ritual observance crystallizes this wisdom into manifestation, life-force embodied, sensational.

When we celebrate the Witches’ Sabbat at the Great Festivals of the Year, we are telling a Story, the Story of the World and the Land upon which we live, of the Journey of the Sacred Fool/King and his encounter with the Great Mysteries of Life and Death. It is a Story put into symbols which are the things they embody, as we endeavor to participate in the cycles of season and weather, of the movements of the Sun and starry skies and the waxing and waning of the Moon.

We do not really get to “make up” the Story as much as participate in it, making ourselves greater, for the Story of the Living World is much bigger than we are, and to behold this unfolding is awful and terrible, blissful and magnificent. It has an uncanny quality about it, because we do not often live within the world as our culture has cut itself off from the observation of the cycles of Life and Death in which *every other living thing* participates.

To re-tie ourselves back into those cycles, to pay homage to the Land and honor its Sovereignty, is to become once again a participant in the sensuous, to touch the greater enlivened consciousnesses surrounding us and melt into that ecstasy. Is is the root of heathen Witchcraft.


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My son will be 3 at the end of January. My son has long hair. My son has beautiful eyes and very long eyelashes. My son likes to wear sparkles and rainbows and glittery clothes and colors. We don’t have any gender-agendas around what he wears, what toys he plays with, who his friends are, or how he behaves in regard to any sort of gender roles or expression. He’s Rowan. We let him pick out his own clothes and respond to his choices in toys and he’s not interested in cutting his hair.

His mother, my partner, is a hot, chubby, fierce and strong bisexual white cis-woman who is in UU seminary and works with children in religious education; and I, his father, am a hot, fat, fierce and strong queer two-spirit white cis-man who works with elders and the dying. We’re also both initiated Witches and Radical Faeries. We are a family of queerdos.

And we’re incredibly happy. Joy and love runneth over. We seek to lift one another up to truth of ourselves.

And we struggle. And we fuck up. And we strive to be authentic with one another and about ourselves and our process of living and moving in this world intact and with a sense of integrity, of being responsible for the choices we make and holding that openly. We strive to be courageous, to tell the story of ourselves with our whole hearts. We take risks, because it is only our ability to move through our fears that limits us. We make boundaries. We don’t coddle one another, but we respect and honor our frailties. We practice compassion. We stive to teach him about systems of privilege and oppression that exist in our culture and where he may find himself within that matrix both by virtue of the form he was born into and the choices he may make as he ages, and to be aware of his privilege and the misogynistic, white-supremacist, agist, ablist, sizeist and fatphobic, and homophobic thinking he is sure to learn in our social complexity.

We believe that we are worthy of love and acceptance. We engage community and we will not stop yearning for and opening ourselves to potential beloveds; we will not stop making ourselves vulnerable. And we learn.

We are enough, and we invite you to be enough with us.

I.O. Evo. He.

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